Monday, February 5, 2018

An Afternoon on the Island | St. George Island

I always tell people and fully believe that my soul craves the beach - the salty water, the inviting noise of waves crashing, the warm sun piercing my skin. And when I made my move to Florida last summer and realized I would only be an hour from the coastline, you can probably imagine how happy I am being so close to a place that I use to only associate with vacations.

As I slowly adjust to becoming a full-fledged Floridan, I realized why only "seas" the day during the summer months when the weather is permitting most of the year here!? I have wanted to take a trip down to the beach to rid of some of these winter blues (it actually does get cold here and I had, believe it or not, a snow day!) and it didn't take much convincing to have Fletcher on board with the idea of taking a Saturday beach trip. I also have wanted to get out and FINALLY learn how to use my camera, and what better background than the beach?!

Sweatshirt: UO | Shorts: Forever 21 | Phone Case: Sonix | Sandals: Target (similar) | On My Wrist: TELETIES

The beach Fletcher and I have come to love to venture down to is St. George Island. There are other places I'm really looking forward to exploring during my time here, but this place has easily become a haven for when I'm looking for my summer beach escape. It's small, gives off a more "locals" vibes and the island is pretty much non-commercialized. We hadn't been down to the island since before Hurricane Irma hit Florida and we couldn't have picked a better day weather-wise to travel down and visit again.

A walk on the beach was how we started off our Saturday. The water... FREEZING! But it was a sunny, low 60s afternoon. I think I definitely need to mention here how many comments I received from locals about how crazy I was for wearing shorts in "this weather". I couldn't help but laugh because recently I thought I had gone soft and lost my northern skin.

Our day trip down to the coastline didn't end at just a quick stop on SGI. We decided to cross the bridge and hang out for a bit over in Apalachicola. Let me tell you, this place embraces the small coastal town charm and just has to be location inspiration for a fiction novel (foreshadowing?) - Right on the water, all local shops, quiet and filled with some of the kindest people. One woman we encountered asked if she was in the way of our pictures sitting on a close-by bench and offered to move so we could get the shot.

We stopped for a late lunch here as well with unfortunately no picture to share (I promise I'll get somewhat better at this whole blogging thing), but the view of the water above is the one we got to enjoy during our meal which takes the cake for me.

Fletcher and I talk about this often, but it seems like every week one of us has a moment where we go... "Wow, we live in Florida!?" and it honestly never gets old. And how I ever lived far away from a coastline, I'll never understand. It's truly been one of the little blessings I gained in 2017 (minus the hurricane preparation).

Even though I hope we get to venture back down to the beach for another winter walk before bigger crowds travel down, I'm absolutely looking forward to the hot summer months and lots of sunshine that Florida undoubtedly will supply for the perfect beach weekends. I'm ready for a summer filled with them and I can't wait to share what summer brings at SGI with you!


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  1. That island is beautiful! What kind of camera do you have, your pictures are stunning?!


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