Tuesday, March 6, 2018

February Favorites 2018

Even though March is well on its way, I wanted to share some favorites from February that I’m obsessing over and, no lie, probably will continue obsessing over!

As I continue to get back into the swing of blogging, this format might change a tad as I develop what and how I love to share content with you, but I thought this would be a great beginning to show you each month just what I’ve been doing, buying, eating and loving!

Food – Spindrift
Together for 2018, Fletcher and I decided to do a “no soda” year. The only soda I drink is my one true
love Diet Coke, but toward the end of last year I found myself grabbing for a DC more often when I should have grabbed for the H2O. No matter the reason, I wanted this change in my lifestyle to adjust for the better and make myself accustom to grabbing for water as my beverage of choice out of habit, not out of sacrifice or punishment. I’m glad to report I’ve been successful so far!! (even though the temptation is still there.)


Monday, February 5, 2018

An Afternoon on the Island | St. George Island

I always tell people and fully believe that my soul craves the beach - the salty water, the inviting noise of waves crashing, the warm sun piercing my skin. And when I made my move to Florida last summer and realized I would only be an hour from the coastline, you can probably imagine how happy I am being so close to a place that I use to only associate with vacations.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Here We Go Again | Meet lexxiegray.com!

Almost four years ago during the summer before my final year of college, I randomly decided to start a blog. I say randomly, but in all honesty, it was anything but. I had considered starting a blog on multiple occasions and that summer was finally the time I bit the bullet.

It was a monumental moment for me. I grew up with barely an ounce of confidence to my name, something I still internally struggle with today, so putting my thoughts and work out on the web for people possibly beyond my friend group on Facebook to see was nerve-racking. But I did it and throughout my dedication to that blog, I found love for creative expression, confidence in a world that can offer plenty of judgment and a hobby in a time where life was about to get real.

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